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Agricultural products and fishery products are a group of traditional exports of Vietnam to China, always accounting for a large proportion (about 20%) of the total export turnover to this market.

China is also the largest market for Vietnam’s agricultural and aquatic products, accounting for an average of about 27% of the country’s total agricultural and fishery exports to the world. In which, there are many products with large turnover such as vegetables, cashew nuts, coffee, rice, cassava and products from cassava, rubber and seafood.

According to statistics of Vietnam Customs, after decreasing by 5.5% in 2018, the export turnover of agricultural and aquatic products to China in the first 11 months of 2019 continued to decrease by 5.86% over the same period, reaching only 6.31 billion USD. In which, in addition to 04 items with an increase in export turnover, including: rubber (1.34 billion USD, up 9.77%); seafood (1.1 billion USD, up 19.75%); cashew nuts ($520 million, up 32.55 percent), tea ($22.7 million, up 24.89%); There are 04 groups of products with a decrease in export turnover, including rice (225 million USD, down 66.37%); vegetables and fruits (US$2.24 billion, down 14.02%); coffee ($89.5 million, down 8.94%) and cassava, cassava products ($736 million, down 1.05%).

In recent years, realizing the importance of preserving and developing the export market of agricultural and aquatic products, including the Chinese market, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and localities Northern border and the media have continuously provided information and warnings to businesses, associations, and farmer households across the country about policies, regulations as well as policy implementation moves, Chinese regulations.

The two ministries have coordinated to organize many conferences, propaganda as well as trade activities, connecting agro-business enterprises of the two countries in order to maintain and promote the export of agricultural and aquatic products to important markets. this important. Up to now, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has granted the code of farming and growing areas to meet the requirements of quality and food safety for 1,749 fresh fruit growing areas and 1,200 fresh fruit packing establishments for export. is still continuing to update at the request of localities/businesses. Many Vietnamese enterprises and farm households have gradually adapted and shifted their agricultural and aquatic product exports to the Chinese market to a formal, methodical, gradual reduction, and towards the end of exporting in the form of “exchange of goods”. resident change”. At the same time, the ministries and branches of Vietnam,

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development call on industry associations and exporters to (i) proactively capture information on market requirements, thereby guiding farmers to organize their production. produce in accordance with the requirements on quality and product standards; (ii) change the attitude towards dealing with the Chinese market towards maximum respect for the basic rights of consumers; and (iii) resolutely switch quickly and strongly from exporting in the form of “resident exchange” to official export according to international practices through official border gates.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also suggested that local authorities at all levels be more proactive in capturing and disseminating information and recommendations of central ministries and branches on demand. market developments, regulations on standards and quality for agricultural and aquatic products of the importing country to farmers in the area. Experiences over the years have shown that any locality that really cares about farmers and consumes agricultural and aquatic products for farmers (such as Bac Giang, Son La) is successful in capturing market information, organizing reorganization of production, registration of farming – planting areas with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and smooth connection between sellers and buyers. These models should be referenced and replicated.

On its side, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the system of Trade Office agencies and branches of Vietnam Trade Office in foreign countries will continue to closely coordinate with ministries and branches to continue promoting market opening, supplying information and remove difficulties and barriers for agricultural and aquatic products to be exported to the world market in general and the Chinese market in particular.

Source: moit.gov.vn

Kết quả (Anh) 2:[Sao chép]
sau khi giảm 5,5% trong năm 2018, kim ngạch xuất khẩu nông, thủy sản trong 11 tháng năm 2019 sang Trung Quốc tiếp tục giảm 5,86% so với cùng kỳ, chỉ đạt đạt 6,31 tỷ USD. In there, outside of 04’s alignment with export allowance, including rubber (1,34 billions of USD; increased 77%; Form (1,1 billion USD; increasing 19,75); Second particle (520 million USD; increasing 32,55 {pos(19,22,7-million,7-million dollars, 24-89) {; There’s a 04 group with export allowance for rice (225 million USD, reducing 66,37%; vegetables (2,24 billion USD, 14,02%); Coffee (89,5-million USD, 8, 94%) andắn ies, the product (736 million dollars, reduction, 1 05%).
In the past few years, the importance of the preservation and development of agricultural markets, there are Chinese markets, the Minister of Commerce, Agriculture and agricultural industry and countryside with local borders in the north and media outlets have constantly provided information and alerted to businesses, councils, peasants, farmers on the country, rules, rules, rules and rules and rules, the National policy.
Two governments have coordinated various popular symposium, propaganda as well as trading operations, connecting the agricultural businesses of two countries in order to sustain and promote the agragram to this important market. So far, Farm and Country Development have provided the foster regions… replenish the requirements of quality and safety for 1 749 field field field growing and 1.200 the authentication package, currently replenishing toward the local field. A lot of business and Vietnamese farmers have moved in and moved out of action to the Chinese markets to the main direction, which turned down and ended with the “Convention”. But with that, the Vietnamese Department, in the interest of the agricultural industry and agricultural Development, has also been endeavored to negotiate with Chinese safety of food to formally open the market for various products like root, black, macho, black, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, macho, ngao, jellyfish, rupturing… these are all the products that China has decreed our imported taxes on trade trade brow, so if the agriculture and agriculture could negotiate a successful success of the food standard, the potential to come up to the Chinese mass.
Agriculture Department, Agriculture and agricultural industry conventions and export businesses are actively involved in the request of the marketplace, from that direction of agriculture workers in the right demand of quality, the product; (ii) changes the behavior of China markets in the most respected direction of the consumer rights; steadily (iii) resolving fast, moving hard from export in the form of “population exchange” to export the main motto international protocol through official passwords.
Trading Department, Farmers and Country Development also suggested local authorities are more active in capturing and general information, promoting the Ministry’s recommendations, major in demand, major markets, major markets, market developments, and regulations about standard, The quality of the country is imported to farmers’farms in the territory. Experience for the past few years has shown that the local interest in peasants and agricultural consumption for farmers, like North, Shan La) it’s a job to capture the market information, reorganise and reproduce. Adults for adoption zones with the Department of Agriculture and development of countryside and connections throughout the buyers and sellers. These models should be reference and expansion.
On my side, the Trading Commission system and business agencies, the South Vietnamese Trading Commission branch will continue to coordinate with the Ministry, the business continues to open the market, provide information and disabling, The fences of the agricultural fences that produce to the world in general and the Chinese market alone.