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On August 14-16, following the success of VOMF 2018, the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) organized the Online Forum 2019 event with the theme “Personalized experience – Personalized experience”. ” in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively. Ho Chi Minh City, FADO Vietnam is honored to be one of the main sponsors, accompanying the event.

As an annual official event, bringing together many reputable units in the fields of marketing, market research and e-commerce, in 2019, VOMF returns with the theme “Personalization of experience”. With the aim of maximizing user experience on digital media, increasing awareness and assisting businesses in establishing online marketing strategies.

Attending this event, in addition to being a companion sponsor, FADO is also an online platform expert, with a deep understanding especially in the field of online export, which is increasingly becoming a trend, open to businesses have the opportunity to expand and reach out to the world through major trading platforms in the world. The opportunity is that, but to be able to compete in the large market, businesses need to have a really excellent strategy in terms of brand image management, bringing it closer to international customers. economic.

The event attracted the participation of a large number of businesses

Exporting through e-commerce is not new. Alibaba, Amazon have never been less attractive to businesses that have been and will export their products internationally. However, accessing a digital market, for example Alibaba, is accessing a market with buyers from more than 190 countries and territories, with different purchasing habits, tastes and languages. Highlighting and attracting customers to your products and business really needs a long-term strategy.

“Personalizing experience” in online export involves many facets and forms, such as keywords, images, recommendations, customer groups. But in general, it is still to bring the product closest to the target customers. Among them, the most important ones are language and keywords. Language differences and the setting of inappropriate product keywords are easily barriers that make it difficult for businesses’ products to reach customers’ vision.

In addition, this event also gathers more than 35 speakers from many fields, helping businesses find and refine appropriate information to apply, in the process of commercialization and export.